The Unu UltraPak Gives Fast Charging Power

From tablets to smartphones to other digital gadgets, people’s biggest complaint is always batterylife. Until new battery technology comes in to play, you either have to always be in search of a plug or carry something that can provide you with a recharge on the go. There are lots of battery packs or cases out there (I have reviewed a few), but you always have to wait around to charge them up. This is where the Unu UltraPak differentiates itself.

This is not just a rechargible battery…well it is…but it’s a more efficient process. For starters, it has two USB slots to charge two devices simultaneously. It’s important to note that these USB ports do tranfer different levels of power, one is geared for smartphones or smaller devices (5 volts/1 amp) and one for tablets (5 volts/2.1 amps). The ports can be used simultaneously to charge a phone and a tablet together.



Unu has other capacity batteries like the SuperPak which has the same size capacity of 10,000 mAh but is a bit smaller and charges a bit more slowly than the UltraPak.

One feature that is extremely nice about the UltraPak is the LCD display which shows the amount of charge left on the battery and, if it is plugged in, how long it will take to charge the battery fully. Unu writes on their site that it takes about 95 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Unu has done some magic in terms of “amping” up the charge time to charge the UltraPak. Using their own technology called Ultra-X, they claim that charging occurs 8X faster than traditional methods. The UltraPak uses a stronger charging input (31.25W) and couples this with their own lithium polymer battery which they seem to have added a secret sauce to. They say that charging the first 70% take less amount of time than the final 30% “topping off” of the in-line batteries. They also have developed a way to charge the multiple batteries in-parallel so as to capitalize on the power input. They example they give is filling up a glass of water, you can blast the water in initially but when the water starts nearing the top of the glass, you need to slow down the water flow to top it off.

There are various safety controls in place within the UltraPak like heat and temperature sensors to prevent over-heating and over-voltage input and output protection.

There is also a mini LED flashlight built in to the battery pack.

HighTechDad Ratings

If you know that you will need power on the go and won’t have a plug handy, your best bet is to have a Unu UltraPak fully charged up and ready to go. However, if you forgot to charge the UltraPak, you can quickly juice it up so that it has enough of a charge to fully charge your smart phone and you can do this in just 15 minutes.

I found the UltraPak to be a relatively good size and weight to just throw in a bag and take with you. I do with that there was a way to charge it without using the power cord that comes with it. Ideally, you could pug in a USB cord and charge that way. Whenever you have a power cable that is tied to a device, then you always have to remember where you plugged it in. Just make it a habit to plug in after using the UltraPak and you should be good.

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The charging of the battery pack, from my testing, is actually quite fast. I like the fact that you can charge a smartphone and a tablet simultaneous. With a retail price currently $129.99 (currently on sale for $99), it’s fairly resonable compared to other battery packs with similar technology (and there are a few that work in the same way). It’s currently on Amazon for $99.99.

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HTD says: I love how quickly this battery charges and the fact you can charge two devices as once.

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