Turn Off the Image Previews In Twitter

The update has already been implemented in the desktop site, and is available to iOS and Android mobile users who choose to update their app.

The change automatically displays shared images and Vine vide

Earlier this week the popular social networking site, Twitter released an update to all of the web services platform’s. os making the visual content visible whether the user wants to see it or does not. Many people feel as though this is a step backwards for Twitter, claiming that the new look is cluttered and looks too much like the slowly diminishing Facebook.

Fortunately (for some), there is a way to disable the new feature within the updated Twitter iOS app, to remove the previews navigate to:

Twitter –> Me –> Settings –toggle off–> Image Previews

There is currently no setting to turn off media previews on Twitter’s desktop site. Let us know if this is a feature you want in the comments below.

The Twitter Blog confirmed and explained the new changes on Tuesday with a short informational post.

Here is what the update looks like in action:


To get this update, download Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android. For desktop users, the update has already been launched on Twitter.com

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