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There are quite a lot of PC utility solutions that cost money out there. System Mechanic is the world’s leading PC tune-up software, and has about the biggest toolset of any program you can find on the market. While, System Mechanic is an excellent paid option for sprucing up PCs, many users are looking for solid free options out there too, and interestingly enough, the PC tune-up ‘software experts’ over at iolo Technologies are now offering a free option of System Mechanic, System Mechanic Free. System Mechanic Free doesn’t include the full toolset that standard System Mechanic has, but it does include seven useful tools that are part of the full, paid version. Here’s a breakdown of those tools included:


Registry Tuner™ – Resolves registry problems and stabilizes Windows.

Internet Connection Repair™ – Gets PC back online.

Shortcut Repair – Reconnects broken icons and shortcuts.

Memory Mechanic® – Reclaims wasted RAM in real time.

Startup Optimizer™ Basic – Checks for and removes the Top-25 startup bottlenecks.

Drive Accelerator™ Basic – Defragments hard drives.

PC Cleanup™ – Cleans up over 50 different types of system-clogging junk files and clutter.

With these tools, you can get a huge jump on cleaning out and speeding up a slow PC, and if you think you might need to dive deeper, and unlock the rest of System Mechanic’s vast tool belt, you can easily upgrade to the standard version. Still, this is a very impressive tool set for a free program when compared to other similar, and popular free options such as CCleaner and Soluto.


+ Expansive tool set for a free program

+ Very easy to use and great for a novice computer user or first time tune-up software user

+ Takes up little room on the computer and runs in the background

+Cleans out and speeds up bogged down PCs quickly and easily

+ It’s free!


– Does not include all of the tools featured in System Mechanic


System Mechanic Free is an excellent free option for cleaning out and speeding up PCs and is arguably one of the best free PC tune-up utility options that you can find. Download it and give it a try.

Where to find

You can download System Mechanic Free on iolo’s official website here.

You can also download the program from here.

System Mechanic

Don’t forget to also check out the standard version of System Mechanic if you are interested.

You can find out more about System Mechanic on iolo technologies’ official site, or check out our recent giveaway of the program that also recommends it to PC users.


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