Musio takes a new approach to the iOS music player


Musio ($2.99) takes a new approach to the iOS music player.The head developer of Musio, Anders Klausen was first inspired by the gesture-based interaction seen in Mailbox (now acquired by Dropbox). He quickly realized, that he could improve upon the way we interact with our music in a Mailbox-inspired way: The app introduces a number of features that the stock iOS music app doesn’t offer, and is equipped with a clean look and well designed interface.

Swipe Gestures

Swipe Right: Add song to Queue
Swipe Left: Add song to Playlist

Long Swipe Right: Delete song from Queue
Long Swipe Left: Delete song from Playlist

Track Que

With Musio, you can easily queue up (On-the-Fly) or easily organize your music with Playlists. Musio uses the iTunes music library that’s already on your phone.

Custom Playlists

Swipe left on songs of your choice to easily organize your iTunes music in multiple playlists to suite your needs.

Music Library

Easily browse through your iTunes music collection, by sorting the content by artist, album, or songs. You can also easy toggle on/off the scrolling index much like the stock music app. It’s also easy to update your Musio library after a sync/purchase.




  • Beautiful and unique interface/design
  • Speedy fast gesture navigation/actions
  • Well organized and visual appealing music library
  • Queue up feature (not included in iOS)
  • Integrates with iOS lockscreen, airplay, headphones, etc.


  • $2.99 price is a bit high for a utility already installed
  • Some users have experienced app crashing
  • Requires library updates to match original iTunes library
  • No real ‘under the hood’ options such as themes, equalizers, etc.

Last Words…

Overall, Musio is a great buy if you are looking for a music player with a queue up feature, unique and cool design, as well as gesture controls. The app truly does take a new approach to the iOS music player. In future updates it would be great to see more ‘under the hood’ settings such as themes and player enhancers. So far, I like what I see.

Musio can be purchased in the App Store for $2.99.

Promo Codes

The Musio team has kindly given us 5 promo code links for our readers to redeem for a free copy of Musio. The links terminate after one use.

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