Card And Casino Games Have Become A Digital Mainstay

“Solitaire” (CC BY 2.0) by  RogerGoun 

We’ve been playing cards for hundreds of years, with the first deck of cards being thought to originate in China (or Moorish Africa, depending upon which version of the origin of the deck of cards you believe) before gaining popularity in Europe in the 1300s.

From then on, their popularity has risen so much that they’re now embedded within cultures around the world, with various of games and variations cropping up from country to country. Whether playing for money or just as a way to pass the time, card games have proven themselves to be a timeless form of entertainment.

This is particularly visible by how effortlessly card games have transitioned into the digital era. Whether it’s PCs, mobiles or tablets (to name just a few devices), card games are available and are showing no sign of going anywhere.

Part of their success is how easily they have adapted and evolved to incorporate current trends, meaning, despite being enjoyed for generations, they have always remained up to date and contemporary.

The various incarnations of solitaire

Solitaire is a great example of a card game with true staying power. There are many different forms of solitaire, however, the most popular form is klondike solitaire (sometimes called ‘patience’ throughout Canada and the US).

For many, this is the definitive version of solitaire, with most people being familiar with the game and knowing how to play. Essentially, the game involves building ‘strings’ of cards that descend in numeric value, with each card alternating in colour. The objective is then for people to be able to sort these cards into ordered suit piles, from low to high.

Many people find solitaire relaxing due to its calm and collected gameplay. In order to clear the table, it takes a lot of skill and strategy, which can be a great distraction for overactive (or just bored!) minds.

If anything, solitaire has risen in popularity since the advent of PCs, mobiles and tablets. The game came installed as standard on Windows 3.0, way back in 1990, and was included in every version of Windows, right up to Windows 7, which was released in 2009. Inexplicably, the game was dropped in Windows 8, but was brought back by popular demand for Windows 10.

The game has successfully made the transition to mobiles, too. There’s currently thousands upon thousands of solitaire apps available in the Google and Apple app stores, with some of these appearing in the top ‘free’ and ‘paid for’ charts – a testament to the game’s continued popularity.

Other classic table games also benefitted from the digital treatment

“Roulette” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  clry2 

The success of casino games after making the jump into the digital landscape has been incredible, with the games appealing to a new type of player who otherwise would not have set foot into a casino.

Roulette is an extremely popular game on igaming sites such as 32Red. Part of its appeal is how much easier it is to have a quick spin on a digital device, especially when compared to its physical counterpart.

In fact, digital roulette is so wildly popular that essentially all online casinos will carry the game in some form. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a heavy hitter like 32Red, or someone newer to the scene, such as the River Belle Casino, digital roulette will be on the roster – meaning there’s lots of variants of online roulette for Canadian players, American players or European players to enjoy.

Again, in the same vein as solitaire, roulette is a game that has been tweaked and updated to suit modern tastes, with newer versions of the game including interactive elements such as feature trials and bonus features – a far cry from the classic wheel and ball setup that made the game popular in the first place.

It doesn’t look like the growth of digital card and table games is set to slow down, either, with card games continuing to conquer the latest consoles. Cards and roulette are examples of games which are centuries old that have continued to adapt and develop with the latest tech, which means generation after generation of players get to enjoy them, across a whole variety of different mediums.

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