Logi ZeroTouch keep you safe while using your smartphone

The used of a smartphone is seemingly important these days. For what reason? You know it for yourself. Maybe for chatting, updating status or a selfie addict or for important purposes like answering important calls and using GPS. These reasons are what may be inspiring Logitech to come up with a smart car mounter for Android user. The purpose is one – Keeping you safe on the road while using your smartphone.

he ZeroTouch mount pairs to your Android phone via Bluetooth connection and signal the ZeroTouch App know when your phone is docked to the mounter. Logi ZeroTouch delivers this experience by the combination of the Zero Touch mount and Logitech’s voice-controlled app. TUpon activation, the app will not impair the other smartphone functions.

The ZeroTouch App will help you to text back and forth, place and answer calls, share current location, stream your favorite music and navigate your way around using GPS apps.


Post Author: Tech Review