Iphone thinnest battery case

Almost everyone is using battery casing for their iPhone. But, finding one that will not make your iPhone look bulky is tricky and not easy. Either sacrificing the look or battery capacity. ThinCharge knows about it and they came up with their casing which makes your iPhone looks normal while giving an excellent external battery value.

The thincharge casing is made for iPhone 6 and 6s. Besides providing elegant looks, it also provides a backup power of 2600 mAh. Enough for you to fully charge if your phone. Its design was made precisely to give you the lightest experience of a battery case. ThinCharge is also built with a rounded edge which will protect from an accidental drop of your phone.

Overall, it provides an excellent value. Fusion of fashion, protection and power supply. You can get this case from Amazon.com with the normal price of $90 – $130.

UPDATED! Get thincharge for $59.95 from Amazon.com

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