Featured App: Walau TP

Walau TP is a unique and fast paced game recently introduced to the App Store by iOS dev Yew Bend Tan from NXIS Games. Play as a traffic patrol officer on the top a bridge with a speed radar issuing tickets to car drivers and motorists as they pass by under you for breaking the law by: speeding, riding a motorcycle without a helmet, or if their vehicle is emitting exhaust/pollution.

The road has three lanes which cars and motorcycles are constantly driving in, your job is to ticket as many offenders as you can before the time runs out. If you see a car speeding or breaking the law in a different lane from the one you are in then simply swipe left or right to move your enforcer. Then, once their vehicle is within your infra-red camera range tap to issue a ticket to the law breaking driver.

There are upgrade options such as your officer’s speed, all upgrades are purchasable using tickets you issued through the game or with IAPs

Walau TP!

Walau TP!

Walau TP!

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