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Swipes (free) is a gesture-based, daily task planner that helps you get the things that matter accomplished. Much like the popular email app Mailbox, Swipes allows users to interact with their to-do’s by swiping to perform actions, a swipe right will complete a task and mark it as ‘Done’, while a swipe to the left will prompt the snooze panel where the date of the particular snooze can be easily set. People in over 110 countries use Swipes everyday to quickly plan their day and effectively plow through tasks with little procrastination.

The app has a slick design and has great features that many other to-do list apps don’t think to include like; tags/searching system, completed task history, prioritize, quick notes, and notification reminders.

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The Good

Swipes has a minimalist interface with simple functionality, great for quickly creating tasks and getting important things done. The snoozing feature is great for staying productive. Swipes is a powerful tool for those who need to stay organized.

The Bad

Some users are complaining about the new UI update, (took effect Aug 16) saying that in trying to clean up and better the design, the developers managed to make Swipes ‘less functional’ resulting in a ‘worse look’. The design and interface of Swipes are definitely not unique as they are, like mentioned above very similar to Mailbox, as well as Clear.

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