Thanks to MicFlip, we can enjoy the reversible micro USB charging cable

Try plugging in your charging cable in the darkness of your room. Man, if you plug it wrong, both your cable and connector will pay the effect. This is one of the reasons USB Type-C is looking to solve. A reversible USB connector. If then, how about the tons of normal smartphone connector that are still out there. We can’t change the connector only right. Thanks to MicFlip, we can now enjoy the reversible micro USB charging cable.

MicFlip makes sure you never plug your micro USB charging cable wrongly again

It is a remarkable invention to the society. Thanks once again to the designer of MicFlip. Surely, this product will help various multitude in keeping their mobile phone charged. As long as your mobile phone is using the USB Type-A(normal connector), this charging cable is good to go.

It is not only made for a reversible purpose. This cable also features a high durability trait. It is made to withstand wear from daily life use with the implementation of ultra-strong braided nylon lead. Furthermore, this material is the essence of a flexible cable. Corrosion prevention is also taken care with the gold plating to the connector.

Micro usb charging cable is made reversible with MicFlip - Cell Cave

Final Twerk

A simple reversible charging cable may not bring amazement to you. But wait until you know how hard it is to plug the cable when in a hurry and how much you have to pay when your phone connector is broken because of a single wrong inserting direction mistake. If you are a kind of me who is looking for this cable, you can get it for $19.99 from

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