The protection set for your phone

Phone case can be an essential accessories for smartphone. It is not just for appearance, it is much more than that. You will not want to spend some bucks to repair your phone. For that, let’s take a look at this phone case from Tudia Omnix.

When I say it is a protection set, you have to know that it is really a set of protection. Upon purchase it comes with 3 parts which is removable partial back that is made out of polycarbonate, the TPU rubberized gel skin and the front polycarbonate plastic screen protector piece.

The rubber gel skin acts as a back casing. This parts cover every part of the back and also the side part. It has a gel part which cover the ports and audio jack to cover it when not in use. Simply pull it up to open. For the screen protector, it will help you to protect the screen but it may not be as good as the other screen protector. Based on the reviews, it will give you glare. But, anyway, you can always use this case with other screen protector.

Tudia Omnix case can be bought online with the price of $39-$49. If you dont want to mess your head with different protection. You can try this.

Post Author: Tech Review