The FiftyThree Pencil stylus pencil for your Ipad

This Pencil is one of the best artistic stylus. It is used in conjunction to the app by the same company – Paper. Using the preset tools available in the app you can produce super stylish clean watercolor paintings, fine line drawings, pen and ink sketches, as well as real comic-book like images with the marker function.

This pencil specifically designed to let you feel solid and comfortable in your hand. It’s shaped like a carpenter’s pencil and even comes in real walnut wood. This pencil even have a built-in eraser on the end, so you can just flip it around when you want to erase just like what is like experiencing real pencil.

Although Pencil works best with Paper, it is also compatible with the other drawing and painting app in the Apps store. It connects with your iPad via Bluetooth just once. So, even you off your Ipad you don’t have to connect it back. When it runs out of battery, pop the USB out at he tip and charge.

If you find this helpful, you can get it from Amazon for $39-$59.

Post Author: Tech Review