4 Case of Galaxy S7 Clear Protection

There are two kinds of people – people who have 5 alarm clocks set up, all 5 minutes apart, and people who tap snooze a bunch of times before they finally roll out of bed; people who shoot vertical videos, and people who scold others for doing so; people who use their smartphone bare, with no protection on, and people who have a case on theirs at all times. That very last kind of folks might be interested in what we have to show here – cases for the Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy S7 is one of those phones you don’t really want to put a case on – its a thing of beauty, after all – but you do it anyway to protect its fragile glass surface from scratching or cracking. Thankfully, transparent and translucent cases are a thing. They protect your phone without obscuring its natural beauty, which makes them an ideal match for Samsung’s flagship. Flip through the slideshow below to explore some of the best translucent and transparent Galaxy S7 cases.

1. Case-Mate Naked Tough case

Unlike most other clear smartphone cases, the Naked Tough is designed to take on a beating. It is light, with an impact-resistant hard shell and an energy-absorbing bumper. And the metal button accents are a nice touch.

2. Case-Mate Tough Air case

Another Case-Mate offering, the Tough Air boasts a unique 3D pattern designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy. Further drop resistance is provided by the integrated black bumper around the sides.

3. Case-Mate Barely There case

As the name implies, this case is made to add as little bulk to your Galaxy S7 as possible. It is made of thin and light polycarbonate, which is durable enough to guard your phone against everyday wear. The bezel at the front extends above the screen to protect its surface against scratching when the phone is lying face-down.

4. Incipio Octane Pure case

The Octane Pure by Incipio is built with a thick bumper around the sides to protect your Galaxy S7 against drops. At the same time, a translucent polycarbonate layer guards its back. The case is available in multiple colors.

Post Author: Tech Review