Kington charging mount cuts the effort to charge your mobile phone while on the way

If you are a working person, you know how mobile phone has blessed you with the function of GPS. Sometimes, we didn’t realize that the smartphone is our digital assistant while on the road. However, the smartphone also can bring a headache to us. When using GPS and the battery power is low, we have to charge it manually. It is so  dangerous for us. Thanks to Kington charging mount, now in-car smartphone charging will be safe and easy.

Kington charging mount cuts the effort to charge your mobile phone while on the road

The magnetic charging system isn’t a new thing. But when it is coupled with its casing and produce a freestyle charging system, it becomes awesome. What it means by freestyle charging is you don’t have to worry on how you position your phone, it will start charging upon contact. Kington consists of two components, the magnetic holder, and casing.

Besides aiding the wireless charging, the case is made to protect your phone. It will work to keep your mobile phone safe from the drop, oil, and water. The magnetic holder is made for holding your smartphone firmly while attached.

Kington charging mount for in-car charging aid - Cell Cave

Final Twerk

It seems like Kington charging mount completes you casing and holder accessories. You should also know that this charger is implementing the QI wireless charging technology. It is not as fast as charging using the wire, but it is better than most of the wireless charger. Now pledging for funds on Kickstarter, you can become one of the backers and start backing starting from $64 to get the complete set of Kington.

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