Vaavud IPhone Wind Meter Review

The Vaavud wind meter allows you to gather precise and reliable wind speed measurements from your exact location, using your iOS or Android smartphone. Vaavud is great for everyone, from building engineers to paragliders. The utility can help you plan your trip, choose the right gear, and even allow you to alert your friends of the current conditions before they depart. Because of third party integration being a pivotal aspect of Vaavuds strategy other apps and services  are welcomed and can tap into the cutting edge Vaavud technology,. The company has already partnered with Weendy – a US based start-up that has created the worlds fastest growing social network for real-time weather reports.

Vaavud started out as a Kickstarter Project and successfully reached its £20,000 ($31,022) pledge goal with over 900 backers. The appeal has proven to be much broader than to the kite surfers, wind surfers and sailors Vaavud originally targeted.

Thomas Helms, Co-founder & CEO:

There are no electronic parts in the Vaavud wind meter, and it is made of high performing plastics. The rotor contains magnets, so the digital compass can pick up the rotations. The magnetic signal is transformed to frequency using sine waves, and then converted to wind speed. It is  both water and dirt resistant along with whatever else you may come across! The utility has a wind range of 2 m/s-25 m/s, and has been tested and calibrated in a professional wind tunnel at the Technical University of Denmark.

Know the exact wind speed when you rig up your surf gear, launch your kite or when you are out on the water in your boat etc. Or even use the Vaavud wind meter for scientific experiments.

The wind meter is currently available for $45 on

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