IOS 7 App Feature: Safari


Last month, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple announced the new and improved iOS 7. The update contains a completely new and redesigned UI which includes many innovative new features.

Control Center Multitasking App Store

Apple finally introduces full-screen browsing to Safari, a long awaited feature that has been in the App Store since iOS 5. The revamp of Safari looks crisp and clean but its nothing to write home about alternative apps like Chrome or Mercury are still great contenders for your browser of choice.

Unified smart search field.

Type a URL or search term in the unified smart search field, and Safari automatically suggests the closest match to what you’re looking for. So you find the right web page fast.


New tab view.

See your open web pages in a consolidated view that lets you scroll effortlessly from tab to tab. To close a page, just swipe it offscreen.



Shared Links.

See all the URLs in your Twitter timeline, who posted them, and what they had to say about them.

Reading List.

Reading through the articles in your Reading List is quick and easy. Simply scroll seamlessly from one to the next.

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Post Author: Tech Review