Featured App: Irrupt

Irrupt (99¢) is a fast paced game that requires quick reflexes, great timing, and strategic thinking on the fly. The game has a unique play style and simple controls, a signature of the developers at Sets and Settings.

The objective of Irrupt is to guide a never ending stream of brave astronauts (who’s space station has reconfigured itself into two parts to avoid an incoming asteroid shower) to safety. Tap and hold the screen to make your astronaut stop moving to avoid the falling asteroid blocks but be careful, once you let go, or your energy bar runs out, boosting the astronaut forward at a tremendous speed almost surely killing him.

To help along the way, there are collectable powerups that will trigger turrets which shoot obstacles to bits. There are 3 different turet types: Big Slow Shot, Tripple Shot, and a devastating Laserbeam!



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Post Author: Tech Review