IFTTT For IPhone Released


IFTTT stands for If This Than That


IFTTT is a free user friendly automated service that “puts the Internet to work for you” and executes custom commands set up in the form of conditional statements called Recipes.

Recipes allow you to receive automated texts with the weather every morning, be sent an email if it will rain tomorrow, save your Instagram photos to Dropbox, schedule tweets/Facebook posts, and much more.

IFTTT lets you create recipes with over 60 Channels | view them all. Channels are services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, as well as devices like Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, and UP by Jawbone. Each Channel has its own options, which allows for hundreds of possibilities and customization for any Recipe.

If this, then that. We call 'this' the Trigger, and 'that' the Action. Together, it is a Recipe.

IFTTT for iPhone is an impressive, professional looking app that makes it extremely easy to create/edit recipes on the go. The app brings all of your networks together, saves time, and is precise. Create and use Recipes around the things you do on the go: snapping screenshots, adding new contacts, completing reminders, and organizing your photo albums. IFTTT for iPhone completes the picture and adds a whole new dimension to recipes.

Download IFTTT to unlock the power of three new Channels for your iPhone: Contacts, Photos, and Reminders.


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