This can be your emergency power bank

Null PTY has their own vision to bring the smallest power bank for you. They create a brand new portable phone charger that is designed to let you enjoy your smartphone without letting it be the burden. Now presenting to you the Zoose power bank.

Zoose power bank is the smallest that you can have today

The great thing about this portable phone charger is the fact that it is available for either iPhone or USB micro connections. This makes it suitable as an emergency charger for a wide variety of phones. It will be the last choice you ever need for the crucial moment. However, this should not be your first choice of power bank.

This charger works as a 500 mAh battery-equipped charger. Even it carries less charge, it is designed to rapidly charge up your phone when in use. When not in use, this power bank will use its power retaining switch to really cut out the power preventing the power bank from losing its juice.

As small as the keychain, you will not realize it is there. Surely, it will not take up your bag space, not even a little. With its combination of fast charging ability and non-intrusive design, Zoose power bank is truly a brilliant innovation product.

Final Words

Now on Kickstarter, you can make this smallest charger comes true. As low as $17, cheaper than your average coffee, you can have Zoose in your pocket for a backup charger.

Post Author: Tech Review