Mesuit iPhone Case make iOS and Android work on one phone simultaneously

Running your phone with a different platform is surely interesting. You maybe want to try using Android platform with the iPhone to see if you like it. How about using this weird yet helpful iPhone casing. The Mesuit iPhone Case. It is made by the Chinese companies Haimawan, and its subsidiary Jijia to bring you the joy of using Android using your iPhone.

Mesuit iPhone Case features

The product which is called Mesuit OS 1.0 is compatible for those who are using iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s and 6s plus. Users can run the iOS and Android OS simultaneously on one device. By using only one key swapping control, you can swap it to and fro.

Mesuit iPhone case let you use iOS and Android in one device - Cell Cave

Besides that, Mesuit case has a built-in battery for you to juice up your phone. It has 2 casing models and the only difference is the battery capacity. The small one will provide you the juicing capability of 1700mAh and the bigger one is 2500 mAh.

Plus, this casing will give you extra storage. Adding up to 128Gb, also using a single tap method, you can transfer some of the storage-eating stuff and give you more space for the important.

Final Twerk

You don’t have to buy a new phone to taste 2 different platforms. You might have in mind to be the universal user for any reason. Why don’t use this case? For these 3 features, it should an investment. For the smaller model, you van have it for $150, while for the bigger model for $165. Get it now from its website.

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