Cloud Backup Robot

Data backup is very important to keep your data secure. You can lose vital information through events like accidents or mistake and may never get it back. So instead of risking your data make a backup storage and access it anytime. One of the best tools for this aspect is cloud storage. It gives you easy platform to store the data safely without any complexity. Today, there are many cloud backup software available in the market but Cloud backup robot is much preferred.

Cloud Backup Robot

It is user-friendly software, which enables users to store data with safety and access it whenever needed. It is very easy to use and is available with step by step guidance for installation and usage. Some of its benefits and features include:

  • The installation of Cloud Backup Robot is no rocket science. It very simple and can be easily installed on your computer. You don’t have to go through all the pain of hiring a software professional and get the program installed, you can do it all by yourself as it is accompanied with a user guide.
  • Through this you are able to run the backups manually or automatically. If you want to add data to your computer and want to get it updated right away, all you need to do is simply activate or start manually the backup process. You can also backup the files and folders by setting the software in a desired way, so that it updates the entire data on the set time intervals.
  • You can also choose the place where you want the data to be stored. As it is compatible with other cloud storages, you can store the data likewise. You can have a backup of the data on your computer, on a network server or in the cloud, wherever you are able to access it easily in the future.
  • To save the cloud storage space, it makes the backup in the zip file, which is compressed so that you can store as much data as you want.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about the backup of your SQL databases. Without any interruption in the SQL server service, you can create backup of your database both from your personal computer and computers connected to LAN.
  • When you make backup of your data, backup copies are formed that are not necessary. You can also configure your software to remove these unwanted copies, so as to not waste any space on cloud storage or hard drive.
  • Scheduler is one amazing feature of Cloud Backup Robot that allows you to easily create backup on regular intervals that you have set and you no longer need to create a backup each time. You also get the benefit of free backup restoration software that comes in with Cloud Backup Robot.

Cloud Backup Robot is “Must Have” software and you need to get one today so that all your significant data can be stored safely and securely. With the help of this cloud backup software tool you can easily manage your backup without much hassle.

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