2016 Samsung Clothes Washer

For the past several months, I have had the pleasure of washing clothes with the new 2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV). Wait…PLEASURE?!! How can washing clothes be a “pleasure?” It’s a chore. It’s something that has to be done weekly in my home. AND in my home, we even have a “pink” load and many, many delicate loads (I have 3 teenage girls). The funny thing is, the dark load is mainly my stuff. Anyway, I have now done a ton of loads, tried out a variety of settings and can now speak with some voice of authority on this top-of-the-line Samsung clothes washer.

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - front panel

Before I dive into some of the details in writing, I wanted to share my video review of this Samsung clothes washer. Much of the information in the video is also mentioned below so do read on for additional insights, but if you just want an overview of some of the features and functions I really liked, see the video below (also directly on YouTube):


2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - washer & dryer

Huge Capacity

Probably the most important feature of this Samsung clothes washer for me and my family is its MASSIVE size. Samsung claims that the capacity is the largest of its class (27”) and I must say that I agree. It has a 5.0 cubic foot capacity. What does that translate to? Well for me, it means what used to take me two loads to wash with my previous clothes washer now takes about one load.

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - stainless steel drum

So not only does that save you time but it also potentially saves you in water and electricity. This model is EnergyStar certified as well so you know that it’s not going to be gobbling up water and electricity.

The double size of the stainless steel drum means you can really pack in the clothes. A word of warning though with any washer (this is a front-loader), if you over pack the drum, you will not get the best cleaning efficiency so do leave some space. But still (and take a look at the video as you actually get to see me do a load of wash), the difference between what I had and this Samsung clothes washer is pretty incredible.

For our family, we used to have at least two white washes (including bedsheets), 1-2 dark loads, 1-2 light (pink) loads, and a few delicate washes (dark and light). Now I have reduced it down to one bedsheet load, one white load, one dark load, one light load and two delicates. Definitely saving me some time, water and electricity. And there are some other features I talk about below that add to the efficiency.

Lots of Features

Both this washer and the sibling dryer have a ton of features and cycles. In fact, there are 14 different cycles you can choose from. And each of these can be customized to your liking. Want the temperature hotter or colder? Just press a button to change it – there are 5 temperature settings. You can change the spin from having no spin to having extra high spin (up to 1300 RPM). Are your clothes really dirty, you can set the Soil Level from light to heavy. Changing these settings may change the duration of the wash, use more electricity or use more water, so do note that.

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - controls

On the left of the control panel, you have a dial that enables you to choose the main setting: Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Whites, Sanitize, Allergen, and Deep Steam. Each of these have an optional “Steam” setting which uses steam for extra cleaning or sanitizing. There are other settings like Rinse+Spin, Eco Cold, Quick Wash, Perm Press, Wool, Delicates and Active Wear which don’t allow the steam setting because of the way the washing is done.

By default, the Steam setting isn’t always enabled but it does depend on the selection. I have been using it for Normal, Bedding and Whites though because I have found that it washes the clothes much better. It does add time to the cycle though.

If you have a particular cycle you use more frequently and it has some specific settings, you can save that setting under the My Cycle setting. I haven’t used that however.

A couple of quick notes. I do recommend washing bedding like sheets as one distinct load. I found that if I mixed white towels in with the sheets that the towels would get balled up in the sheets during the spin process. By having the sheet washed separately, the chance of this happening is greatly reduced. Also, as I mentioned, using the Steam setting does help to really clean the clothes better, remove stains, and worth the extra washing time.

I have used the sanitize and allergen setting for washing my dog’s bedding, blankets, etc. as it helps to eliminate dust mites and pet dander.

Oh and one more setting that is great for busy families is the Super Speed setting which reduces the duration of a wash to something like 30 minutes. So if you need to quickly wash something, use this setting!

Detergent Loading

I do feel that I have to mention the detergent use. This is a HE (High Efficiency) front-loading clothes washer. I personally prefer the front-loaders because they supposedly use less water (and important thing in drought-stricken California). You can use laundry detergent pods and even dry detergent but honestly, I would recommend using an HE liquid detergent. If you do use dry or pod detergent, you put it directly into the drum and not into the detergent, softener or bleach drawer. (And I had a viewer on my YouTube channel mention that liquid detergent might not be the best for the steel drum but I personally have no knowledge as to whether this is good or bad).

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - detergent drawer

But, if you do use liquid detergent, you get the benefit of what Samsung calls “PowerFoam.” What PowerFoam does is actually aerate the detergent which supposedly allows the detergent to penetrate the fabric better. Since I tend to really fill up the drum with laundry, I use a full/max setting on the liquid detergent. I do use a little bit of bleach for whites but remember that bleach tends to degrade the fabric a bit over time. I don’t use any fabric softener though.

Cleaning the Washer

With any clothes washer, particularly with front loading washers, you should periodically clean the drum and the rubber gasket seal. On my old washer, if I didn’t periodically wipe down the rubber gasket seal, it would start to stink. I had to use a bit of bleach to remove mildew. Also, after doing a wash, regardless of which washer you have, I recommend leaving the door ajar so that the moisture can evaporate (and prevent mildew as well). With this particular Samsung clothes washer, you can pop open the AddWash door to accomplish the same thing. More about AddWash shortly.

However, this Samsung clothes washer is “smart.” It will notify you that it should be cleaned after 40 loads. (Honestly I haven’t hit that mark yet.) This SelfClean+ option cleans the steel drum and the rubber gasket as well. What a great feature to have.

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - door and drum

Another thing I should call out is the fact that there is a door at the bottom of the washer that allows you access a “trap” which collects hair, link and other objects like hair pins or coins. Depending on what washer you have, cleaning that trap can really be a pain in the butt. My old washer required taking off the front panel and tipping the washer up so that I could (barely) access the trap. I did it myself (once) and would really not want to do it again. You should do this fairly regularly (annually) to ensure the draining of water. With this Samsung clothes washer (and some other washers), there is a door on the front which makes accessing the trap much easier. (There is also an emergency drain in this area on this particular Samsung.) So if you are looking for a washer, be sure to look for one that has an easy-access door on the front. My video shows this in a bit more detail.

AddWash Feature

The AddWash feature is really critical. How often have you found a sock on the ground after you started a wash, or had a child say that they really needed something washed and the load had already started. Well, with many washers, once the cycle has started, the front door locks and you cannot open it again. This prevents water from spilling out among other things. You basically have to wait until you do another load to wash that “late” item.

With the AddWash, you simply can pause the cycle (by pressing the start/pause button) and the AddWash door will unlock while the wash is paused and you can shove a few articles of clothing into the opening, close the door and press resume and magically go on your way. This is an innovative new feature that saves on a lot of cursing and hair pulling!

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - AddWash door

And as I mentioned previously, after a load it is important to air out the drum so instead of opening the door, you can just pop open the AddWash door for the same results.

Early on, I did have a tiny leak with the AddWash door but it was due to the rubber gasket being folded a bit since it was new and not entirely broken in yet. Opening the AddWash door and inspecting the gasket showed a tiny crease which was letting a few drops of water escape. I simply reworked the gasket with my hands to ensure it was uniform and not folded and I haven’t had any type of leak since.


This particular Samsung clothes washer has the ability to be connected to your WiFi network which, in turn, allows you to control and monitor the status of the wash from your smartphone using the Samsung Smart Home app. This is achieved by purchasing an optional (~$30) USB dongle which goes into a tiny slot on the top of the washer (the dryer has this capability as well).

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - Connectivity USB dongle

Let me tell you, for our family, this is a life-saver. I can’t tell you the number of times with my old washer I went down to the laundry room (our laundry room requires you to go out of the house and to a lower level), only to find that there were a few minutes left in the cycle. It was incredibly frustrating and a huge waste of time.

Now with the optional dongle and the Smart Home app, I can see remotely how much time is left, where in the cycle the wash load is and even start/stop/pause the load remotely. Don’t want your clothes sitting damp for a long period of time? You can set up the load ahead of time and then start it remotely when it’s more convenient.

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - Smart Home app

I particularly like being notified when the cycle is complete (as well as knowing exactly how many minutes remain on the cycle). I no longer have to rush back and forth from our home to the laundry room to see what stage the cycle is at. If you get this Samsung Clothes Washer, definitely get it connected!

A Few More Things

It’s important to note that I haven’t tried every setting or function, only the ones that are relevant to my washing requirements. This model is the top-of-the-line 2016 Samsung clothes washer, therefore, it’s not cheap. The retail is $1499 but for that price, you get a ton of great features and a massive capacity. Note: you can even get the washer/dryer pair on Amazon for about $2,200! I really think this is a perfect clothes washer for very busy families given the huge capacity, the multiple settings and the optional connectivity. Be sure to read more about it on the Samsung product page for things like specs and other specifics. And make sure it will fit into your current washing environment. Measure twice!

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - washer & dryer

The settings are very easy to use and understand and the look is very sleek, clean and high-tech. I must say, after a few months using this 2016 Samsung clothes washer, I almost ENJOY doing laundry! Do watch my video review as it shows some of the features in action. And also take a look at my review of the 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer!

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WF50K7500AV 27″ Energy Star Front-Load Washer with Large 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity, AddWash Door, DV50K7500EV 27″ Energy Star Electric Dryer in Black Stainless Steel

New From: $2,599.00 USD In Stock

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