Connect your smartphone easily with magnetic tip USB

Connecting mobile phone to the charger is somehow brings a mini relief to us. However, we always need to rush when doing it. This then causes the charger itself to break. Broken connector and even bring damage to our charging port too. Why not have an easy connect and disconnect USB like ASAP Connect.

Revolutionary 18K gold plated magnetic USB cable changing the way you connect to your phone forever.
ASAP Connect USB cable

ASAP Connect Specs

ASAP Connect magnetic USB cables have a connector made from 18K gold-plated mixed, aluminium components, earth neodymium magnets to provide a sensitive connecting end. It is also made from braided nylon cord for its body making ASAP Connect last long and from wear or bent. Besides charging, this USB is also used as data transfer for both Android and iPhone user.

Closing up

This cable will be giving a whole new experience if they succeed, as their slogan said, “This is the future of USB cables”. ASAP Connect is now able for pre-order at indiegogo. Watch their promo video below.

Post Author: Tech Review