A “simple and fast list-maker” app -Listary

Listary (free) is a “simple and fast list-maker” app for both iPhone and iPad. The app takes a more productive and minimalistic approach to the App Store’s cliche to-do lists apps by trimming down on the unimportant features, and executing well on the one’s that matter.

Listary was released to the App Store on July 29 by Portuguese developers, Nuno Baldaia and Ana da Costa. This release is the second version of the original Listary application released back in early 2011.

To add an item or items to a list, simply tap the plus (+) icon and type, keep hitting return to add multiple items immediately. Once added, you can tap to edit or tap and hold to reorder. A swipe right will mark the item as complete and a swipe left will allow you to move, send or star the item.





  • Simple and convenient
  • Free application, with no ads
  • Fresh take on over-published type of app


  • Plenty of similar app competition
  • For full experience in-app purchase required

Last Words….

Overall, Listary is a perfect option for any users looking for a simple and convenient to-do list application. While it does have a hefty amount of competition from similar apps in the App Store, it sticks up for itself will nice design and seamless functionality. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a free download.

Listary can be downloaded in the App Store for free.

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