Krimston Two: A dual sim case for iphone

Dual sim phone is as important as the phone’s speed today. A quality phone without a dual sim might not be the best choice. This includes the iPhone. It is a powerful phone but only for single sim usage.

But with Krimston Two case, now, your iPhone can be used as a double sim phone. what you have to do is only download the app and you are ready to go. This app will sync your contacts. So, no need to remember a single phone number.

Other than that, it is has a clever feature called Smart Hotspot. This helps users to monitor the phone’s internet activity and adjusts the signal accordingly so that the phone battery can last long. Besides, this case has a built-in battery that can extend the life of the iPhone.

While it gives a lot of benefits, it also shows its downsides. Your pocket will bulge.

If this project succeeds in raising funds, it will emerge in the market in August 2016

Post Author: Tech Review