Champions of Anteria Game Guide

GUID SUSPENDED Champions of Anteria is the spiritual successor of The Settlers saga, enriched with RPG elements and missions in which you command a group of heroes. This guide provides description of the game interface and it discusses key elements of the game. You will also learn useful information that will allow you to liberate […]

Urban Empire Game Guide

This unofficial game guide to Urban Empire is a collection of valuable advice and tips, which can make the challenges which await you within the game much easier. Individual chapters of the guide have been dedicated to the mechanics that rule over the gameplay, such as: economics, management, politics or science. All of the mentioned […]

Persona 5 Game Guide

The guide to Persona 5 will include chapters focusing on the most important aspects of the gameplay. Our guide will brief you on things like Persona creation, efficient time management, or the right answers for school tests. Separate chapters will be dedicated to romances, secret achievements or the choices that decide the ending of the […]

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Game Guide

The Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III guide contains all the information required to fully understand this title. Inside you can find a detailed walkthrough of all of the 17 missions of the single player campaign, as well as videos showing the completion process of each one of them. Additionally, the guide contains a thorough […]

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Game Guide

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 game guide includes a detailed description of storyline and origins of the main hero. All were described in great details, and one should keep in mind that you can complete it in several ways. Regardless whether you decide to eliminate enemies with your sniper rifle or an assault rifle, the game […]

Bounty Train Game Guide

This guide for Bounty Train mostly focuses on game mechanics, its strategy and economic elements and combat. Among other things, you will learn how to handle your contracts and how people and goods transportation works, how to earn money on smuggling and theft, how character development system works and how to heal the wounded companions. […]

Night in the Woods Game Guide

In this guide, you will find complete walkthrough for each main mission in “Night in the Woods”. The walkthrough has been additionally enriched with screenshots and the author’s hints on specific fragments of the game. In here, you will also learn descriptions of each mission that you complete in cooperation with another player, thanks to […]

Transport Fever Game Guide

Transport Fever is an economic strategy game, in which you manage a transportation enterprise. Your responsibilities include building infrastructure and creating a net of connections, in such a way as to create profitable routes which offer high profits. To achieve this goal you will be using means of land (vehicles and railroads), maritime and aerial […]

The Sexy Brutale Game Guide

This guide features a comprehensive walkthrough for The Sexy Brutale and solutions to puzzles awaiting you on different stages of the game. The extensive walkthrough is completed with chapters dedicated to Steam achievements, system requirements and basic game mechanics. The Sexy Brutale by Cavalier Games Studio is an adventure game full of dark humor. The […]