Introduction to medical artificial intelligence

A lot of us are wondering how our fields could possibly be impacted by this societal shift.Artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare has been a particularly hot topic in the past few years. Even though there is a sense of great potential from the use of AI in medicine, in addition, there are concerns around […]


Hair samples shows that long-term stress linked to higher levels of obesity

People who suffer long-term stress may also be more prone to obesity, according to research by scientists at UCL which involved examining hair samples for levels of cortisol, a hormone which regulates the body’s response to stress. The paper, published in the journal Obesity, showed that exposure to higher levels of cortisol over several months […]


Engineers create programmable silk-based materials with embedded

According to a paper published online this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS),Tufts University engineers have created a new format of solids made from silk protein that can be preprogrammed with biological, chemical, or optical functions, such as mechanical components that change color with strain, deliver drugs, or respond to light. […]


The study finds that drinking more water associated with numerous dietary benefits

For people who want to control their weight or reduce their intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat, tap water may be what the doctor ordered. A new study that examined the dietary habits of more than 18,300 U.S. adults found the majority of people who increased their consumption of plain water — tap water […]

Wide variability in generic heart failure drugs can make them unaffordable to uninsured patients

New research from Saint Louis University finds that the prices for commonly used generic heart failure drugs varies widely. A team of researchers led by Paul J. Hauptman, M.D., a SLUCare cardiologist specializing in heart failure and professor of internal medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, found that the cost of the drugs […]

Sleep disorders: 3D video monitoring with intelligent software as new analysis option

The usual method of recording periodic leg movements in sleep for people with sleep disorders is to use electromyography (EMG), an electrophysiological method used in neurological diagnosis that measures muscle activity. However, the cables that this method requires can interfere with the patient’s sleep and electrodes can become detached, thereby compromising the quality of the […]

Glowing tumors help surgeons cut out brain cancer with precision

An experimental cancer imaging tool that makes tumors glow brightly during surgery has shown promise again in a new Penn Medicine clinical study, this time in patients with brain cancer. The fluorescent dye technique, originally developed by surgeons at the Penn Center for Precision Surgery to treat lung cancer, illuminated brain tumors in real-time during […]