An Evaluation of Information Meetings as a Tool for Solving Fear of Large Carnivores

Managing authorities in Scandinavia arrange public information meetings when members of the public express fear because wolves or brown bears approach human settlements. This study aimed to increase the understanding of the potential effect of information meetings on self-reported fear of wolves and brown bears. In total, 198 participants completed questionnaires before and after the […]


The Politics of Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Access

According to ethnographic case studies from Madagascar, this research shows that multiple marine conservation projects have institutionalized inequitable access to marine recourses along gendered lines. In despite of the  discursive and institutional shifts toward more “collaborative” and “community-based” conservation programing, there is a deficiency of women’s nominal as well as effective participation in community management organizations. […]


Scientists discover nature’s algorithm for intelligence,which will send shock waves in many fields

We’ve been attempting to reverse-engineer intelligence since the dawn of our own history — or at least since the time of the ancient Greeks, who carved the inscription “know thyself” at the temple of Apollo, Delphi. Throughout the ages, one old chestnut has stubbornly resisted yielding up its secret: the organizational principle behind the human […]


President Trump’s Troubling Road to Climate and Energy

Donald Trump has famously claimed that the “concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese.” So what will his policies on energy and the climate look like? He’s publicly stated that he wishes to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.He wants to get rid of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan,so he […]