Biased Algorithms Are Everywhere, and No One Seems to Care – MIT Technology Review

Kate Crawford, speaking at the AI Now conference at MIT this week. John Maeda (@johnmaeda) Opaque and potentially biased mathematical models are remaking our lives—and neither the companies responsible for developing them nor the government is interested in addressing the problem. Recommended for You First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. Tesla’s Model 3 Is a […]

Transform Customer Experiences by Harnessing the Power of AI in CRM – MIT Technology Review

Embedding AI into commerce and customer relationship management platforms is transforming the customer experience, with rich insight into customer needs. A comprehensive CRM platform, such as Salesforce Einstein, provides users access to data analytics without the complexities. Please register here for your free whitepaper. SOURCE:

AI Fight Club Could Help Save Us from a Future of Super-Smart Cyberattacks – MIT Technology Review

A new competition heralds what is likely to become the future of cybersecurity and cyberwarfare, with offensive and defensive AI algorithms doing battle. The contest, which will play out over the next five months, is run by Kaggle, a platform for data science competitions. It will pit researchers’ algorithms against one another in attempts to […]

Google’s AI Guru Says That Great Artificial Intelligence Must Build on Neuroscience – MIT Technology Review

Demis Hassabis knows a thing or two about artificial intelligence: he founded the London-based AI startup DeepMind, which was purchased by Google for $650 million back in 2014. Since then, his company has wiped the floor with humans at the complex game of Go and begun making steps towards crafting more general AIs. Recommended for You […]

Low-Quality Lidar Will Keep Self-Driving Cars in the Slow Lane – MIT Technology Review

The race to build mass-market autonomous cars is creating big demand for laser sensors that help vehicles map their surroundings. But cheaper versions of the hardware currently used in experimental self-driving vehicles may not deliver the quality of data required for driving at highway speeds. Most driverless cars make use of lidar sensors, which bounce […]