Guide : top 10 ways to secure your mobile phone

Seems like everywhere you turn, there is news of another cellular security violation. Only last month, vulnerabilities in iOS 9.3.5 were being manipulated by the notorious NSO Group, manufacturer of surveillance software, to examine text messages and emails, record sounds, collect passwords, and also track the calls and whereabouts of users. Apple released a security […]

Will We Ever Stop the Robocallers? – MIT Technology Review

If the Federal Communications Commission’s new initiative to crack down on robocalls sounds familiar, that’s because the agency also launched an ambitious crackdown nearly a year ago. The fact that we aren’t much closer to a solution now than we were then is a reflection of how complicated and difficult the problem is. Recommended for […]

$99 Headset Could Be Augmented Reality’s First True Chance at a Mass Market – MIT Technology Review

A startup is making a wireless, see-through augmented-reality headset powered by the iPhone that it will sell for $99—a move that may pique the interest of programmers and early adopters who are curious about mixing digital objects with the real world but don’t want to pony up for pricier headsets like Microsoft’s HoloLens. The headset, […]

Virtual Trolls – MIT Technology Review

One powerful thing about virtual reality is the way it lets you stand “face to face” with other people—sometimes people from the other side of the world who you’d never otherwise meet. People in social VR settings really tend to connect. I’ve seen people meet and become friends in VR and then continue the friendship […]

If Only a Simple Gadget Rating Could Save Us From Cyberattack – MIT Technology Review

In these hyper-connected days, where every Internet-enabled device appears to be corralled by criminals to carry out cyberattacks, wouldn’t it be great to find a little peace of mind? Recommended for You First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. Tesla’s Model 3 Is a Long Way from Elon Musk’s Grand Goal AI Shouldn’t Believe Everything It […]