Why a smart home will get $195 billion in 2021

Since the rise of the smartphone, the term ‘smart’ may simply mean that a device has on-board wireless internet connectivity. Therefore, a smart home is one that is designed to deliver or distribute digital services, through a range of networked devices. Smart home automation and monitoring devices will grow to over 770 million globally by […]


How CSPs provide exceptional customer experience for the most demanding customers

Did you know that 78% of consumers have abandoned or not made a purchase transaction because of a bad customer experience? The first customer complaint in history was recorded in 1750 BC – someone called Nanni, inscribing on a tablet to someone named Ea-nasir to complain about the wrong delivery of copper – and today […]

Benchmarking the Internet of Things for high growth: Industry analysis

(c) As more business leaders work on their strategies for the Internet of Things (IoT), industry analysts are researching use cases for these technologies. Having evaluated similar technologies in the past, one of the most successful devices was deemed to be the anti-theft tag known as electronic article surveillance (EAS). That’s because it’s disposable and […]

Specs and standards: What is the deal with 5G, anyway?

(c) Bacci It seems just a short while ago when 4G networks were rolled out, with mobile carriers making a lot of fanfare about the new technology and the promised increases in performance. Back then we were reading about the first ground-breaking 4G enabled phones and also a certain actor promoting it in the UK […]

FCC looks to understand telco strategy on free data and net neutrality

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/franckreporter) The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has called on AT&T, Comcast and T-Mobile US to provide details on the approach of these players in offering customers free data for viewing Web videos, a development that raises concerns on net neutrality. However, the FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, added that the move of the regulator […]

EE and Vodafone take lead in P3’s latest mobile network tests

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Willie B. Thomas) P3 Communications’ latest study has placed EE and Vodafone as joint winners for data and voice performance in one of the UK’s most comprehensive mobile network tests. The UK’s four main network operators – Vodafone, EE, Three, and O2 – were put under the microscope and examined across ‘real world’ scenarios to gauge […]

The future of intranets and enterprise social networks

Corporate intranets are a lot like cities. Thriving cities have little, if any, decay, and lots of people make them flourish. Unfortunately, many of today’s traditional intranets resemble ghost towns, suffering from deserted, disconnected resources, one way communication, and little, if any, collaboration. This whitepaper from Jive Software examines how an enterprise social network (ESN) […]

Small Cell Forum publishes latest guide on NFV, 5G and IoT

(c) A new practical working guide released by operator and vendor body Small Cell Forum (SCF) details technical and commercial best practice for operators who are looking to deploy network function virtualisation (NFV). In its recently published Release 8, SCF combines unique experience of real-world deployments of NFV technology today with small cells at the […]

The telco opportunity amidst challenges: A holistic digital strategy for success

(c) Patrizi Today, the world of communications and collaboration is undergoing a radical shift with the potential to disrupt the dynamics of the telecom industry forever. A plethora of disruptive trends have taken over the entire ecosystem, significantly altering the rules of the game, impacting business, operating and financial models, measurement metrics as well as […]

UK government figure says broadband must improve to prosper outside the EU

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/narvikk) A senior government figure has said the UK must improve broadband services in order to prosper outside the EU.  Speaking to Microsoft’s Transform conference, Matthew Gould, Director of Digital and Media at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, warned: “As we leave the EU, our future prosperity depends on us being connected, cyber […]