2017 Honda CR-V improves comfort, adds volume knob, loses LaneWatch

The fifth-generation 2017 Honda CR-V adds a volume knob (finally) to its quirky infotainment system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, more USB jacks, a turbocharged engine, and blind spot detection. The latter replaces Honda’s equally quirky LaneWatch system that covered only the passenger side with a rear-facing camera. The sum of Honda’s technology and passenger […]

Driver assists satisfy more than navigation

A new JD Power survey on technology gear finds new car owners are more satisfied with collision avoidance technologies than with factory navigation systems. No surprise, huh? In fact, four in 10 new car owners ignore an integrated nav system or other technology and bring in a replacement device they’re more comfortable with. The first […]

Germany votes to ban internal combustion engine cars

Germany invented the gasoline engine and diesel engine. Now, Germany’s Bundesrat wants the internal combustion engine banned starting in 2030. The resolution by one of Germany’s two legislative bodies (analogous to the US Senate or British House of Lords) isn’t binding, but it had bipartisan support. It suggests the days of the internal combustion engine […]

Tesla Model 3 owners will pay for the Supercharger access

The lower-cost Tesla Model 3 will likely lose a perk of Model S and Model X ownership: free charging at Tesla’s network of Supercharger sites. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past that some Teslas would not have free access to the Superchargers that can refill the batteries to 80% charge in about […]

Access to self-drive technologies drives

Silicon Valley has new visitors: the bankers working for automakers that specialize in acquiring or investing in companies that enable self-driving cars and improve battery-powered vehicles. Automakers have snooze-you-lose concerns that the number of tech companies at the leading edge is finite, and if you don’t lock them up, your competitor might. Investment groups are looking […]

We’ll sell fully autonomous cars with no steering wheels by 2021

Ford will build a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021 for the ride-hailing and ride-sharing markets. How autonomous? It will be built with no steering wheel, no gas pedal, and no brake pedal. To make the self-driving car happen, Ford will double its R&D presence in Silicon Valley and is making acquisitions to fill in the […]