Mesuit iPhone Case make iOS and Android work on one phone simultaneously

Running your phone with a different platform is surely interesting. You maybe want to try using Android platform with the iPhone to see if you like it. How about using this weird yet helpful iPhone casing. The Mesuit iPhone Case. It is made by the Chinese companies Haimawan, and its subsidiary Jijia to bring you the joy […]

Thanks to MicFlip, we can enjoy the reversible micro USB charging cable

Try plugging in your charging cable in the darkness of your room. Man, if you plug it wrong, both your cable and connector will pay the effect. This is one of the reasons USB Type-C is looking to solve. A reversible USB connector. If then, how about the tons of normal smartphone connector that are still out […]

Pokedex Case with high built-in power bank capacity will provide you large extra juice for your smartphone

Pokemon Go app is no doubt engineered to let it run better like a real life situation. However, running good app is a sacrifice. You have to let the battery power drain faster. After playing the game for an hour, probably you will not have enough charge to go on with the day. Last time, […]

Prong battery case that helps iPhone user to stay charged when forgetting to bring the charging chords

So far, I forgot to bring my charging chords a few time. What do I feel?So much sadness in one day. Terrible. Same as other aggressive mobile phone user, you don’t want to have this problem. A case that helps you to suck up every bit of electricity directly from the power socket.Then, Prong battery […]

Romoss power station makes sure you don’t need to worry about running out of battery

Do you ever wish that there is a power bank ready to be used at McDonald? If there is, probably they have to add another more chairs and tables to hold the customer that doesn’t want to leave. In conjunction to that, Romoss has launched their power station project on Kickstarter and this might be […]